Bob's Etiquettes--- Seriously, WTF people? <p>As I get older (I'm half way to 70), I find I'm caught observing a lot of things. Everyday things. Things that in the grand scheme of things mean absolutely nothing to some but can really bother others.<br /><br />I'm talking about etiquette. Not so much the "which fork do I need to use at this stuffy, boring dinner party". More, the daily etiquette's we don't do and should do, so that we don't get the ol' stink eye from everyone.<br /><br />I've been meaning to do this blog for a while but of course procrastination and a touch of laziness took it's toll and now I guess I feel somewhat inspired. So, I will post a blog 6 days a week (excluding Sunday because I'm too busy thinking about football). I will talk about the everyday things that as a society we need to be doing better, out of respect for our fellow man and woman.<br /><br />Some blogs may be&nbsp; to the point, some easy peezy. Some blogs will hit home, some won't. (Disclaimer---check).<br /><br />Of course, feel free to email me, on&nbsp;ways we can be improving our poorly etiquetted (is that a word) selves. <a href="mailto:rprice9293@hotmail.com">rprice9293@hotmail.com</a><br /><br />The 9293 in my email address is of course the last time the Jays won the World Series and have not been to the stinkin playoffs since.<br /><br />Ok--- Bob's Etiquettes # 1: Tim Horton's Drive Through<br /><br />Now having been born and bread in Canada, I, like many know where a Tim Horton's is in every town. It's a way of life for many Canadians to start their day with a large double-double with a maple dip donut. Although, a lot of us prefer the Starbucks too and some prefer the likes of Coffee Time (if this is you, please stop reading my blogs and move along).<br /><br />So on those cold mornings or even rainy days when everyone is going through the drive thru at their local Timmy's....please keep the following in mind:<br /><br />- Short and sweet orders are very helpful to the massive throng of fellow Tim Horton drive thru enthusiasts. Please--- no lists that contain everyone's order in Human Resources and Paddy's from Accounting.<br /><br />- No orders of 6 Ice Cap's--- this takes too long to make and you need to get your ass inside for this type of order. Otherwise you deserve every expletive that is said about you in the&nbsp;20 car lineup that has now formed behind you.<br /><br />- No double toasted bagels w/ cream cheese and sliced up tomato. Again get your lazy butt out of your car and into the standing line. Drive thru's are for the quick and easy's and not the fancy pants, with pain in the ass, take too long to make- orders.<br /><br />On another note relating to the Tim's drive thru. One time I let a nice old lady in front of me in the drive thru and when it was my turn to pay for my large coffee, the window lady said it was already paid for. Thanks Granny!</p> <br /> <p><img id="fullSizedImage" class="media " style="width: 600px; height: 400px;" src="http://i249.photobucket.com/albums/gg214/RonEade/_ROD7020.jpg" alt="_ROD7020.jpg image by RonEade" /><a id="apf5" href="http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://i249.photobucket.com/albums/gg214/RonEade/_ROD7020.jpg&amp;imgrefurl=http://communities.canada.com/ottawacitizen/blogs/omnivore/archive/2009/01/07/supermarket-specials-jan-9-to-15.aspx&amp;usg=__z3jwLwWsuXvAHFzeXZvbKdURZ_Q=&amp;h=683&amp;w=1024&amp;sz=257&amp;hl=en&amp;start=6&amp;zoom=1&amp;itbs=1&amp;tbnid=xql23Ev6t0RNyM:&amp;tbnh=100&amp;tbnw=150&amp;prev=/images%3Fq%3Dtim%2Bhortons%2Bdrive%2Bthru%26hl%3Den%26gbv%3D2%26tbs%3Disch:1"></a><br /><br /></p>

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